Guide Choosing Muslim Clothing

At this time so many types and forms of Muslim dress in the designer, especially with the Idul Fitri. Starting from model clothing for children, mothers, men's clothing and women. What is wholesale clothing muslim / muslimah clothing wholesale and sell retail.

Special clothing mothers, the longer trend is clothing that Muslims gamis directly without the need to use a subordinate or trousers. Clothes gamis this combined with a variety of jewelry beads, berpayet or various forms of embroidery thread with a variety of natural colors such as silver, brown, gold and cream.

According to one observer clothing moslem, muslim clothes is now a trend with more cool colours. Next, for mothers who do not like the model gamis directly or clothes, is also available with a subordinate Muslim dress pants.

Muslim dress has a cotton or tissue basis, with additional models shanghai neck with color and color-neutral. But with the added embellishment of yarn formed different types of flowers and leaves. If this islamic clothing models life is not too many beads.
While for men is still synonymous with clothes koko formed with the various models. Koko clothing for men with a cotton base material, tissue, and t-shirts, kerahnya the only form of dianekaragamkan. Have mobilized and are not mobilized. While the motif clothes more varied. While for color, are still synonymous with the natural color, black and brown and cream. If purchased in the wholesale clothing Muslims, we must be beautiful, if sometimes not seteliti retail purchase.
Clothing for Muslim youth, trends in fashion at this time is also a model balloon and Muslim clothes with a pair of trousers. Model is also not much different with the model and the trend for mothers.

Modern Muslim Clothing

Who says women can not appear berjilbab style. Now, the choice model clothes can also be the main bridge beautify women.

Proven├žal, Muslim clothing designer, offered you a designer in the country now have a model and a diverse choice of colors. In fact, the use of the material is material which is-not only that. Every year, always follow the developments of the age, the withdrawal of conventional clothing.

Up2date, clothing brand Muslims who rose again leaves, do not run out of ideas to create new innovations in the event with the Muslim clothing. Mengusung theme of the collection "Transconic," up2date look different with clothes that are Muslims.

Collection up2date almost does not use a decorative element manik, payet, or crystals. Display products also focus on materials and designs that provide a sense of comfortable, modern feel, and urbanis. Consequently, clothing muslimnya any potential support mobility users.

Tia Wigati, Vice Trimoda uptodate PT Management, explains, up2date collection on the concept of 3C, which is chic, comfort, and covered up.

"Effect of clothing is known for Muslims too rigid and heavy. In fact, Muslim Wear can provide comfort for the user and the development mode using the material spandex T-shirt, "said Tia on the sidelines of the event.

In addition to the use of the material weight of spandex T-shirt, the collection also up2date still consistent padupadan and apply the concept of personal style. This reflected the characteristics of 80 sets of clothes that are displayed in the fashion event in the Four Seasons Hotel, on Wednesday (17/12/2008) afternoon.

When the collection divided into four series, as Iconic, Urban, Nature Spirit, and Mutation. Iconic diintepretasikan through fashion icons such as asymmetric structure, a symbol associated with the mode as a button, ribbon, size, needle, both in new applications or processing. While Urban emanated in the impressive collection of light, modern, practical, and use a high wall. It also show tailored lines, color monochrome, and color in the dark and feel of the elements or accessories in the color with the color dikontraskan clothing.

Nature series continues to Spirit, which this time diselaraskan concerned with environmental issues has become a concern to many parties, including the fashion world. The collection play in natural color palette, such as mocha, moss green, red brick, wood and color. To siluet busananya itself seemed to widen and lightweight.

Series final, Mutation, showing the form of design changes that have to be the view of the present. Seen the emphasis the concept of bank and the use of colors such as blue-cooked sea, turmeric, and red. In fact, the materials used are voile, suede, with a few accents of pattern.

"We're happy to be able to create innovative new collection of clothing for Muslims. Only in this way to develop business, we also have a big obstacle. Kendalanya such as the price of raw materials and the continued production of expensive garment that is not yet stable, "sebutnya.

Nevertheless, Tia feel happy because for two years this collection up2date acceptable local communities and abroad.

"We strive to provide clothing options that follow their tastes. Despite the fact the taste of local communities and abroad is very different. Both in terms of selection of design, color, and the application in clothes, "his him

Professional Muslim Wear

Show stylist Professional Muslim Clothing is not a hindrance. I know the origin, you can appear professional but still stylist, even with berbusana Muslims.
In fact, clothing for Muslims to the office not far different from the usual fashion. Just follow the golden rule requires that berbusana a good Muslim, that is, close to the genitals, not strict, and civilized. As for potongannya, women can choose a career muslimah some type style, dynamic, feminim or trendy.
Some tips for stylist Muslim Wear, are :
Choose the type of clothing material with a comfortable and appropriate clothing for work, that is not too "heavy and not easy haywire." Choose colors such as natural or pastel color palette, for example neutral beige, black, brown, gray and dark blue. Avoid colors and motifs ngejreng busy. The motive is plain soft or neutral to give the impression will be more professional and easy dipadupadakan each other.
As for motifnya, you better choose a soft color and dynamic expression, such as thin lines. Floral patterns also can be an option, but avoid having large size. Better wearing a size smaller with the soft colors. Pair with a subordinate, superficial and a hijab senada.
To model, you can select the type of pants have the pipe with superior tunik or coat of light. Blazer or cardigan you can also select as an alternative to surface. Innards for you to use blouse. To subordinate can also use a long skirt with a circle that is not too wide. Use the pattern jilabab not too crowded. As an accent, you can also use a hat with a little motif ditepinya.
For those of field workers, can use a series of clothes that do not restrict body movement. A tunik and pants can be an alternative to the right. Other options, padupadan contemporary clothing worn in a layered, for example, blouse, jacket, pants.
If you want to appear with the shirt brief, you should select the kerahnya high and able to close the neck. With so directly impose jilbab. Views such as it is neat, practical and modern.
Meanwhile, those who spend more time in the office can choose which style clothes and trendy feminim. Paired with a shirt or skirt tunik for example.
Complete the look with the bags and shoes with neutral colors like brown or black. Use the right shoe that is not more than five centimeter. Thus, look you will look more confident and professional with busana muslim

Spirit of New Muslim Wear

Now, the clothing is not limited to Muslims in the theory or feast Muslims only. Covering the entire body of the meeting considered the genitals has been a style berbusana most Muslim women in the country.

However the Muslim desire to close the resignation is not apart from the desire to still appear modis and stylish. This is encouraging designers to continue to seek to create new forms of rich alternative. So when talking about Muslim Wear, the choice is not just glued on gamis, clothing style tunik or payet full abaya, bermanik, and berbordir.

The designer who joined in the Association of Fashion Designer and Indonesia (APPMI) during the last few years, the routine is the fashion trends to provide the latest fashion clothing Muslims. This year, 10 designers APPMI an event titled Silk Ramadan - The New Collection 2008 Idul Fitri.

In the exhibition held at The Cascade Lounge Mulia Hotel, Jakarta (21 / 7), shown dressed up to have the linear tunik empire line. Although all but closed the designer still the element of comfort and practicality, so impressive light.

One of the designers, Nuniek Mawardi, APPMI members of the West, Muslim fashion show themed "Exo Playism" inspired from the beauty of woven rope East Nusa Tenggara and colorful paintings fantastik Ancient Egypt. Combination color woven rope NTT appear in the mix toska, green, blue and purple with red, fuschia, yellow, and orange.

"I really want to display a dynamic fashion, not excessive, but not minimalist," he said disela event presentation. Clothing shown any visible chic, form tunik-tunik selutut the dipadankan with a unique knitting legging.

Designers in the afternoon that the design, among hannie Hananto, Jeny Tjahyawati, Merry Pramono, Adi Medina, Toera Imara, Ade Listiyani, Lia Afif, Nuniek Mawardi, Herman Nuari, and Raizal Rais.

Islamic Fashion Festival

Meanwhile, one day after the lapse of APPMI, held Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF), which lasted two days in a hotel Dharmawangsa, Jakarta. Muslim Wear parade of creative, stylish, full detail, shown by designers from Indonesia and Malaysia.

According to the committee chairman, Dato Raja Rezza Shah, IFF is a fine without forcing a call in the Muslim urge to cover themselves. Therefore, the clothes are offered vary from the minimal form has ketertutupan scarf and hair look, which is closed to the maximum.

IFF followed by 20 designers. From Indonesia have Biyan, Itang Yunasz, Sebastian Gunawan, Merdi Sihombing, Schools ESMOD Mode, Barli Asmara, Samuel Wattimena, Moses Widyatmojo, and Meeta Fauzan. Meanwhile, Malaysia include designer Albert King, Datin Sharifah Kirana, Iszal Citra, Andy Salleh, On Bestari, Tengku Fara, Tangoo, Shareza Muslim, Defrico audy, Adesagi, and Calvin Thoo.

On the second day delivery IFF, some designers take their unique local culture in detail ornaments, materials, or the basic ideas that animate the entire design. As shown Merdi want Sihombing songkets Collection as the second day opener.

Baju kurung model of purple cloth songkets visible cantikdengan young white veil. "This collection is basically the idea what the nature of Indonesian Muslim clothing to be adapted to the party," said Merdi to

Uniquely, technical details of making jewelry trends in the weaving is done at the same time the process of weaving (wave-in), usually only be sewn on the material that had already been woven. "In terms of coloring also had with the root, stem, leaves of crops in the ground water," he said.

Technique, according to Merdi, has never been used in Indonesia, even in the world. "Elections yarn for a shawl ulos I was a lightweight material that, for this is always based ulos rigid and thick. I want to create a comfortable ulos used, "he said

Others with young designers Barli Asmara emphasize that more young lives, even though his idea was also woven from Bali. He shows the model empire line skirt pile bank with details of crystal ornaments trends in soft colors such as wrapping a gray and peach.

In addition Muslim clothes, swimming suit also shown. Design clothes pool Muslim women with modern colors also appear in the paper On Bestari the ready to wear.

The works of designers from various countries showed solid frontier motif and a choice that is not normal that can provide extraordinary inspiration. That Islamic Fashion Festival 2008 at this time, culture and inspiration of a young soul spirit birth new fashion for the Muslim world with a choice of various themes.